Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Does the app need to be running in the background for searching to work?

A: No, you can completely kill the app and our servers will still monitor eBay for new items matching your Search Alerts and you will receive a push notification when new items are found.

Q: Can I modify my search alert after I make it?

A: Yes, you can modify it as many times as you want by clicking the Search Alert and then EDIT in the toolbar.

Q: What does the "Automatic" sorting option do?

A: Automatic sorting tries to give you the lowest available price for the item you're looking for by essentially combining two searches: "Sort auctions by ending soonest" with "Sort BIN by newly listed."

Q: Why am I seeing results that don't match my query?

A: In the 'Live Search' tab, Using the 'Best Match' sorting will show similar items, based on eBay's own algorithm (similar to their website). Once you save your Search Alert, our servers use a more exact matching algorithm to filter out these 'suggested' results. You can also change the sorting in the Live Search tab to Newly Listed or Ending Soonest to force eBay to return only true matches (again, this is similar to their website)."

Q: Do my Search Alerts expire?

A: No, your Search Alert will remain active indefinitely. However, if we think your Search Alert is dormant (e.g. you don't open the app for 3 months), we may pause your Search Alerts and send you a Push Notification reminding you to open the app.

Q: What are "Fast Search" subscriptions?

A: Search Alerts have a default search frequency of 30 minutes (meaning our servers search eBay every 30 minutes). If you want, you can pay for a "Fast Search" subscription that upgrades all your Search Alerts to a faster search frequency. Subscriptions are available on a per-month or discounted per-year basis.

Q: What happens when my "Fast Search" subscription expires?

A: All of your Search Alerts will automatically drop back down to the default search frequency (currently every 30 mins) until a new Fast Search subscription is purchased.

Q: Why does the "Search Title and Description" option give me bad results sometimes?

A: Some sellers unfortunately put "invisible" HTML tags in their listings to try and grab more search traffic. These tags are usually not visible on the listing description page, but still found by eBay's search algorithm. The best way around this tactic is to narrow your search results using other criteria (such as price, condition, seller rating, category, etc.) or remove the "Title and Description" option.

Q: I'm getting too many results and notifications. How do I fix that?

A: Start by narrowing your specific search criteria, such as price, category, seller rating, etc. Then, hone your search keywords using exclusions and "or" logic. Tap the 'i' icon next to the Keywords field for tips and examples.

Q: How do I delete a Search Alert

A: Swipe left on the Search Alert in the main screen, then choose the "Delete" option. Please know that you will need to purchase a new Search Alert if you add one, so if you just need to modify an existing one, simply edit it.

Q: Can I pause all my notifications?

A: Yes, go into Settings and then choose "Pause all notifications."

Q: I don't see Shipping cost estimates. Why?

A: Make sure you have a postal code set. Go into Settings and fill in the postal code for shipping costs.

Q: Why does my item only show up when I select the "Any" condition but not others?

A: Some categories, such as some Antiques and Collectibles, don't support categories. Specifying a condition other than "Any" will filter some items out from these categories.